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  • 51-60mm blocks

    We stock awide range of small, medium, large Plain Bearing Blocks, Ball Bearing Blocks, Airblocks, Wire Blocks for your Dinghy

  • Ratchet blocks

    The most common uses for ratchet blocks are on smaller racing boats, where you’re working a spinnaker sheet or mainsheet by hand and wouldn’t think of belaying it to a cleat, or even, under the conditions, securing it in a cam cleat. You’re playing wind shifts and gusts with constant adjustment. With a ratchet block, your arm, wrist, and fingers will thank you for the assistance.

    On any line that you’re trimming by hand rather than with a winch, the ratchet block reduces the amount of strength required.

    • The simplest is an on/off switch on the cheek. Flip the switch on, and the ratchet is engaged. When you want the sheave to freewheel, flip the switch to “off.” We found differences in the ease of operating the switch, which we’ll discuss.
    • Auto sensing flips the switch for you. When the load on the sheave increases to a set point, the ratchet mechanism is engaged. And when the load is relieved below the set point, the sheave is allowed to freewheel. You can adjust the set point to suit yourself, usually by means of an Allen wrench inserted into the guts of the block and turning it one way or the other.
    • Only one block, Ronstan’s RF 56101, has both an on/off switch and auto sensing.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 303 items